We keep track of the scientific literature revolving around ecological collapse, limits to growth and existential risks.

The idea behind this « bibliography of collapse » is to provide students, scholars, artists, transitioners, collapsniks, preppers, survivalists, aquoibonnistes …with a tool to help you weave your own thread of inquiries into the most pressing philosophical and material issue of our time.

As of dec 2016, the bibliography contains more than 1700 entries : scientific articles , reports, thesis or academic books. A few blog posts and newspaper articles are also included (mainly on energy). We believe that it is a reasonably accurate picture of the past and current discussions published within the peer-reviewed literature. Some topics such as climate change and biodiversity are not fully covered (otherwise it would add tens of thousand articles to the database).

Do we miss something big? Please let us know via our contact form or Twitter

Pdf’s can be found via ggle scholar, academia, researchgate, #icanhazpdf, libgen, etc…

This is the first version of the database.  Tags are something that we need to work on. We will also produce a thorough bibliometric analysis (first trial: see img’s above and below, click to enlarge).

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