Seven Reasons Why We Should Not Depend on Imported Goods from China
12 June 2019 | 4:48 pm

It seems to me that the situation in China is far different from what most people think it is. Even if we would like to depend on China, we really cannot. Reason 1. When we depend on goods from China, … Continue reading

Why it (sort of) makes sense for the US to impose tariffs
22 May 2019 | 1:50 pm

Nearly everyone wonders, “Why is Donald Trump crazy enough to impose tariffs on imports from other countries? How could this possibly make sense?” As long as the world economy is growing rapidly, it makes sense for countries to cooperate with … Continue reading

The climate change story is half true
30 April 2019 | 8:14 pm

The climate change story is true in some respects: The climate is indeed changing. And CO2 emissions do seem to affect climate. Burning fossil fuels does indeed make a difference in CO2 levels. The problem I have with the climate … Continue reading

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